Present the Hidden Critical Paths on your Microsoft Project

Operate AddOn for Microsoft Project: HCP Data to Project

Please follow these instructions after performing HCP analysis on your project and creating HCP icon on your Microsoft Project:

  • Download the HCP Data file = *.hcp:
  • Open your .mpp project file in Microsoft Project.
  • Click on HCP Data icon located on 'Task' Ribbon:
  • Locate your .hcp file and click 'Open'
  • In the following dialog, choose custom fields for HCP Task (flag) and HCP Slack (Text). You can also customize the names of the fields. It is receommended to choose the same number, i.e. flag20 and text20.
    Click 'OK'

After hitting 'OK', the analysis data is updated in the fields you selected, and the Gantt chart is enhanced with visual representation (small purple stars) of the tasks that are on the Hidden Critical Path!