Free HCP Deep Schedule Analysis™ Report

New! Do it yourself in our online facility, in 3 simple steps:

Save your schedule as .xml file.

Click here to start and select your .xml file which you want to analyze.

Set parameters for HCP analysis and GO!

Upon completion of the analysis, there are three options:

View the report online, with convenient navigation between the various sections.Click here to see an example.

Download the report to your computer in printing format.

Download the HCP file, which displays on your .mpp file the HCP analysis results. Makes it easy to understand what is happening in the schedule and makes it easier to explain the findings to others...!

(Or click here first to see a sample HCP Deep Schedule Analysis report.)

Important Note

The free introductory HCP Deep Schedule Analysis™ report includes a wealth of valuable information about your project schedule, but is primarily intended to demonstrate the great value that the complete report can provide you.

Visit our price list to purchase a license for full HCP Deep Schedule Analysis™ reports