AddOn for Microsoft Project:
HCP Data to Project

Create the HCP icon in your Microsoft Project

Please follow these instructions to create the HCP icon in your MS Project 2010 and later, so you can assimilate the HCP data on your MS Project easily:

This needs to be done only once!

  • Close MS Project.
  • If you have previous versions, please remove them: In Win10 go to 'Settings', 'System', 'Programs and Features'. Click on HCPDataToMSP and then 'Uninstall'.
  • Download the AddOn here. (20170610 HCP Data to
  • Extract the files from the .zip file (double-click):
  • Activate (double click) setup.exe
  • Click 'Install':
  • Click 'Close':
  • Open Microsoft Project. The new HCP icon is located on the 'Task' Ribbon:

To Remove the icon Click here.